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WildTuna's Reward Points: 44

Points When What Where
4 Created Debate The media is trying to start a civil war, but why?
4 Created Debate Liberals are beginning to wake up to what the leftist establishment really is
1 Created Debate Self congratulation of the white liberal for creating black mascots is evil
4 Created Debate BLM riots after 3 black women asked for proof of vaccination
1 Added Argument Why do the Democrats always have to be the grown up??
1 Added Argument What do you feel Biden has done better than Trump, if anything
1 Created Debate Are sex changes for children child abuse?
1 Added Argument Who's gonna be around in 2022, the UNVACCINATED party or the VACCINATED party?
5 Created Debate By the left's own logic Israel is an oppressed minority inside a Muslim patriarchy
5 Created Debate Why are black Democrats so concerned with getting the white man's acceptance?
1 Created Debate The Left has become the dystopian nightmare Orwell invisioned Part 2
1 Created Debate The Left has become the dystopian nightmare that Orwell invisioned

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