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YIsRisenLord's Reward Points: 1222

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The 2020 Presidential Election Was Not A Fair Election.
1 Added Argument Where's the outrage to all this LGBT hysteria and forced affirmative action?
9 Added Argument I’m gonna get vaccinated. You?
1 Created Debate Can you smell, what the Nomm, is cooking?
1 Added Argument Should CD use Dominion Voting Systems to handle up/down votes?
1 Created Debate Nom said I groped his bum. Did he fuck my ass?
1 Created Debate Gavin Newsom message on Christmas celebrations.
1 Added Argument Am I transphobic?
10 Added Argument I’m gonna get vaccinated. You?
3 Added Argument Homosexuality
1 Added Argument Dana is a liar and a bum groper
1 Created Debate Should Nom, join the circus?
1 Created Debate Should America keep jobs at home?
1 Added Argument Should America, abolish the two party system?
1 Created Debate I'm not saying Nom fantasizes about Biden in a clown costume.
2 Added Argument Should choosing your gender be an option?
2 Added Argument Islamic phobia
2 Added Argument Dana Is The Type Of Person Who Plays Innocent, Then Fondles Your Bum When You Are Sleeping
10 Added Argument Exact proof, the Bible, is accurate.
5 Added Argument Can Science and Morality co-exist?
10 Added Argument Creation vs Evolution
1 Added Argument Do You Support The Death Penalty?
5 Created Debate Exact proof, the Bible, is accurate.
1 Added Argument Trumpers: Why do you Want the Election to go to the SCOTUS?

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