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1 Added Argument Trump blocks Putin's pipeline. Biden opens it up after clsing ours. Catching on yet?
5 Created Debate Trump blocks Putin's pipeline. Biden opens it up after clsing ours. Catching on yet?
3 Created Debate Left wing critical race theory is Hitlerian level evil
1 Added Argument Why does Biden demean America on the world stage?
1 Added Argument Domestic terrorists are:
4 Created Debate Why don't you stop driving seeing it might save a life?
4 Created Debate 80,000 people died in 3 months from the flu. Why didn't you mask up?
5 Created Debate CDC says you can unmask. Left still wants to wear the face diaper
5 Created Debate I just love watching liberals pretend they don't elect these oppressive sheriffs
5 Created Debate 8 fully vaccinated NY Yankees get Coronavirus anyway
3 Created Debate The Covid experts go full circle and conclude the original right wing position
5 Created Debate The real reason why losers in life are often activists
1 Created Debate Coca Cola: Be less white
5 Created Debate Leftism simplified so you with common sense can understand it
2 Created Debate Trump is out, so you can leave your house & open your bankrupted business now
3 Created Debate Biden voters already having buyers' remorse
5 Created Debate Did Progressives sit through Obama's entire Presidency?
5 Created Debate Blacks are supporting white supremacist Communists unknowingly
2 Added Argument Research Conservatives Are More Happy, Generous, & Purposeful Than Liberals
5 Created Debate Nazis WERE Socialists
1 Created Debate Guy calls me a sellout because I'm black and not for Socialism
-1 Downvoted Argument CIVIL WAR. LET'S GET IT ON!
1 Added Argument CNN warns of bloodshed if Trump attempts to retake the CHAZ in Seattle
2 Added Argument Yes, we mean literally abolish the police

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