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YvonneBrown's Reward Points: 29

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Why is the left attacking Elon Musk before he's done anything at Twitter yet?
1 Added Argument Where is the seat of American Democracy?
1 Added Argument California to Use Texas Abortion Ruling as Anti-Gun Law Model
1 Added Argument Guns Will Protect Me From All The Guns!
3 Created Debate The mind blowing failures of Biden have Democrats freaking out
2 Added Argument Let's explore Excon's laughable logic together
5 Created Debate Let's explore Excon's laughable logic together
2 Created Debate Kids in China now only allowed 3 hours a week video game time. Good or bad?
1 Added Argument Having a good 420 day?? No?? Still puting pot smokers in jail, huh? Is that good??
4 Created Debate If I died, would you role me up and smoke me?
2 Created Debate Should we abolish the Capital Hill Police
2 Added Argument Let Me Explain Briefly Why Capitalism Is Such A Bad Idea
0 Added Argument I'm wondering why none of our resident Trumpers go to his SUPER SPREADER EVENTS?

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