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ajrosen16's Reward Points: 209

Points When What Where
4 Created Debate Is Interstellar good or bad?
4 Created Debate Is apple really revolutionary or do they just have a great marketing team?
1 Added Argument Whitch is the best game ever
5 Created Debate Dogs or cats?
1 Added Argument Messages attributed to god(s) indeed do originate from (a) conscious being(s).
1 Added Argument What are your thoughts on the Youth in Asia?
1 Added Argument It's sad how young people treat their own language
1 Added Argument Science doesn't make assumptions, it tests them
1 Added Argument Female action stars: realistic or unrealistic?
1 Added Argument Insurance Is a Gamble
1 Added Argument Christians, enlighten me.
5 Created Debate Is the universe finite or infinite?
1 Added Argument Is God the universe?
1 Added Argument Are we born good or evil
1 Added Argument Do you think the penny is relevant anymore?
1 Added Argument How do you feel about couples that met each other online?
5 Created Debate Are beggars in general actually pretty clever?
1 Added Argument should we love with our brain or heart??!
1 Added Argument Wikipedia is a reliable source of information
5 Created Debate Christians, enlighten me.
1 Added Argument Factory Farms - Good or Bad
2 Added Argument Can fate coexist with free will?
1 Added Argument Should Cloning in general be legal?
1 Added Argument What is better pc or mac?

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