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anarchist100's Reward Points: 104

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Robin Hood; Hero or Hooligan?
5 Created Debate No form of authority is legitimate.
1 Added Argument Do you have your very own space laser, or are Jews the only ones?
1 Added Argument Liberals rely on conservatives to provide them with new members.
1 Added Argument Dana Wouldn't Last 2 Minutes With Me In A Submission Grappling Bout
1 Added Argument Question for Andy
10 Added Argument Should Nom be drafted as a clown to join the circus?
1 Added Argument I'm angry today - I'm looking for someone to fight with so I can verbally abuse them
2 Added Argument Hank Aaron takes Covid vaccine. Dies almost immediately
1 Created Debate Communist Monkeys
3 Added Argument Douche Bag Lefist what happened to Nanny LMAO
2 Added Argument what comes to mind when you think of America?
1 Added Argument Allah Is The One True God And If Dana Doesn't Like It She Can Go Swivel
1 Added Argument To all the libs I have offended over the years - I'm sorry
1 Added Argument Is Taxation Theft?
3 Added Argument Tom Hays is worse than Hitler
8 Added Argument does anyone here play among us?
5 Created Debate Tom Hays is worse than Hitler
1 Added Argument does anyone here play among us?
2 Added Argument Should truck drivers not deliver to cities who 'defund the police'?
3 Added Argument What are you Pussy Leftist scared about today ?
2 Added Argument Merry Yeshua Day Everyone
4 Added Argument Merry Yeshua Day Everyone
7 Added Argument I am so sure that you will get vaccinated from Covid.

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