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anonymous199's Reward Points: 122

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Should junk food be banned in schools
1 High Rated Argument Should junk food be banned in schools
1 Added Argument The G20 summit in Toronto has too high a price tag.
5 Created Debate Immigration in the U.S.
5 Created Debate Does Technology Improve or Complicate our lives?
1 Added Argument What is a house?
1 Added Argument I speak [X] number of languages.
1 Added Argument RIP Michael Jackson
5 Created Debate Is Life Worth Living?
5 Created Debate No More Repeated Questions?
1 Created Debate Whose in a March Madness game?
5 Created Debate Mario VS. Luigi
2 Added Argument Violence and sex is too restricted in the media!
1 Added Argument Humans are becoming lazy.
1 Added Argument I am the only normal person
1 Added Argument Are we alone in the universe?
4 Created Debate Fiction! VS. Nonfiction!
3 Created Debate Who plays FPS games?
1 Added Argument Happy Birthday, Joe Cavalry!
1 Added Argument Do you use debate tags?
1 Added Argument Government
1 Added Argument Did you watch the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics?
1 Added Argument Should the government destroy all UFO reports?
1 Added Argument Citizenship

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