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bhavya408's Reward Points: 12

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument How Much Technology Should We Utilize as a Society?
1 Added Argument Do you prefer Google or Bing search engine
1 Added Argument Is visiting dudh koshi in India impossoible?
2 Created Debate Is visiting dudh koshi in India impossoible?
1 Added Argument What does IDM stand for?
0 Created Debate can love happen twice?
1 Added Argument Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?
1 Added Argument Should companies be allowed to test products on animals?
1 Added Argument Can your Ex be your bestfriend?
0 Added Argument A very touching story
1 Added Argument Kids should be able to have phones at school.
1 Added Argument Video Games or Books
1 Added Argument In a health emergency do you want an ambulance or a drone?

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