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brontoraptor's Reward Points: 28596

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1 Added Argument Should Pedophiles be a part of the LBGTQ community
1 Added Argument Bronto's Latest Classic: "Agree With My Lies That Global Warming Is Fake Or You Hate Jews"
4 Created Debate Bernie or Bronto? Stop breeding in 3rd world countries who want to flee here
2 Created Debate Right's ideas are so superior facebook asked to make it look we're getting likes
3 Created Debate Debunking the newest leftist media fairytale lie
5 Created Debate NASA says that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit
0 Added Argument CreateDebate is dead. This is now the Joe H. Cavalry Memorial Zoo
0 Added Argument Which of these phrases does Nom use more frequently?
5 Created Debate Donald Trump nominates Indian-American attorney to federal judgeship
5 Created Debate 50 Shades of Grey being the best seller proves leftists are full blown liars
0 Added Argument Brontoraptor, Why Are You Hated Universally By Left And Right Wingers Alike?
1 Added Argument Should Trump be our next President?
3 Created Debate Why Conservatives laugh when libs calls us misogynists
1 Added Argument Do you know why the Democrat Party has morphed into this extreme Socialist Party?
0 Added Argument Nom, why do you hate Jews and christians but not muslims?
0 Added Argument What is the exact percentage of Hitler present in Nom's arguments?
5 Created Debate Isn't it weird how both parties love all minority people that love them back
1 Added Argument Is it unreasonable to ask members of the site to modify their use of the "N" word?
1 Created Debate MSNBC lies, apologizes when caught, & says it verified nothing it claimed
0 Added Argument Bronto is so right wing he thinks republicans are left wing
1 Added Argument Leftist why didn't the Paris Accord stop Hurricane Dorian !!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!
1 Added Argument Nanny and Chucky beat the "Same Gun Control Drum" following Texas Shooting !
5 Created Debate I couldn't vote for a leftist if I lived 10 trillion years
1 Added Argument Has this place changed?

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