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1 Added Argument Why is the Democratic Party still wearing masks and attacking minorities?
5 Created Debate Leftists think Labor Day is when you give birth
2 Added Argument Bernie is open to a "Meat Tax" to combat Climate Change !
2 Created Debate A Democrat leader tells the cold, hard truth
1 Added Argument best way to administer THC molecules
1 Added Argument If not for endless propaganda, you'd think the world was fine
1 Created Debate Tlaib And Omar’s Israel Trip Was Planned By A Pro-Terrorist Group
1 Added Argument What are your reasons for not being vegan?
0 Added Argument Wiser to Purchase a Used Vehicle or New?
1 Added Argument You know you're a Trump supporter if
4 Created Debate Investors Warn a ‘Liberal Agenda’ Is Killing Starbucks’s Business
1 Added Argument Stay Hateful, Bigoted And Angry Or Chill Out And Become Liberals
1 Added Argument MSNBC claims National Zoo could lose Pandas due to "Trade War With China" LMAO!
1 Created Debate Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story
1 Added Argument Would excon be able to sleep at night if he didn't log on every day to call us haters?
7 Added Argument Epidemiologist AOC warns that "Melting Glaciers" could release "Ancient Diseases" LMAO!
1 Added Argument Dana isn't Bronto, she's just really stupid
1 Added Argument Dana isn't Bronto, she's just really stupid
1 Added Argument If everybody left, and you still posted, would it be a blog? And, what's wrong with that?
1 Added Argument Who is FM?
1 Added Argument 1 to 10 Just how stupid is this Ramenclature Guy? 10 being the most stupid
0 Added Argument There May Be Room For Compromise IF Excon Acknowledges My Genetic Superiority
2 Added Argument What's a one trick pony like?
1 Added Argument What's a one trick pony like?

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