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chimchimney's Reward Points: 168

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is it okay to be nude inside your house? (If it could effect others?)
1 Added Argument Girls is better than Boys
1 Added Argument Do the rich and the poor have equal representation in our elected government?
1 Added Argument Your opinion on dubstep?
1 Added Argument Creationism or Evoultion in the Public School systems
1 Added Argument Do Humans Suck?
1 Added Argument Do Humans Suck?
1 Added Argument Does free will exist?
1 Added Argument Is Marriage Really Necessary?
4 Created Debate Advertisements get annoying
1 Added Argument Should under 13s be aloud to go on Facebook ?
1 Added Argument Who Hates SOnic!!!!!!!!!!! and likes Mario!!!!!
1 Added Argument Everyone should be mandatory organ donor
1 Added Argument To tan or not to tan
1 Added Argument Have We Gone Insane? The US Reaction to Palestine’s UN Statehood Bid
3 Added Argument Gay marriage should be accepted across the world
1 Added Argument Violent video games should be banned
2 Added Argument Should Greek Mythology Replace Nursery Rhymes?
1 Created Debate What's the most oldest debate on this site?
1 Added Argument What would you rather be subjected for 1 day to?
5 Created Debate What's better: soccer or basketball?
1 Added Argument What do you care about more?
1 Added Argument If America continued imperialism, is there a chance a worldwide war would start?
5 Created Debate What do you care about more?

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