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1 Added Argument How long before the U.K. goes a-knocking on the E.U.,'s door for re-entry?
2 Created Debate Can meditation be taught from watching TV?
1 Added Argument Write My Research Paper
1 Added Argument Is world peace a pipe dream?
3 Created Debate Should discared disposable masks replace plastic as the big contributors to pollution?
5 Created Debate Should Bitcoin replace Gold as a haven for global currencies?
2 Created Debate Can the world's richest people help lower the cost of Covid Vaccines?
5 Created Debate Do you think that a Fat Tax is useful to promote healthier living?
5 Created Debate Will there be a black market for counterfeit Covid vaccine certificates?
4 Created Debate Do you think that the UK has finally moved into the new era of Brexit?
1 Added Argument Air Force 1 Shoes world
1 Added Argument Study Motivation
1 Added Argument does anyone here play among us?
1 Added Argument Education is better than Apprenticeship
5 Created Debate Have you applied some of the views on CD for your job or study?
5 Created Debate Do you think that solving uemployment will be the most important economic goal of 2021?
1 Created Debate Do you think that vending machines are good complements to 7-11s?
1 Created Debate Is Netflix a good educational platform?
3 Created Debate If Trump becomes the leader of WTO, will global trade improve?
1 Added Argument Education Should Be
1 Added Argument what comes to mind when you think of America?
1 Created Debate Is the world over-reacting to the new UK B117 strain of the Coronavirus?
1 Created Debate If Bitcoin is a virtual currency, can Bitcoin-holders/owners be deemed a virtual country?
1 Created Debate Should The US Create An Ideas Bank?

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