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cuntyguy2's Reward Points: 203

Points When What Where
2 High Rated Argument how girls are better than boys
1 High Rated Argument Would the world be better without all religions?
1 Added Argument an eye for an eye can make the whole world blind
1 Added Argument Is going to war something you should be proud of
1 Added Argument People don't appreciate what they have.
1 Added Argument Should sex be illeagal
0 Added Argument Should India be invaded by the West?
1 Added Argument Are Atheists more moral than Christians?
1 Added Argument Women Asking for Equal Pay = Children Demanding Candy
1 Added Argument Poll-What is your job.
1 Added Argument Science vs. Math
2 Added Argument Would you date an ugly/less than good-looking person?
1 Added Argument Do you like dogs or cats?
1 Added Argument Are people the ages 15 and 19 okay to date?
2 Added Argument Are teen suicides more due to peer pressure or psychological problems?
3 Added Argument Is someone racist if they don't approve of multi-racial dating?
1 Added Argument Who would win in a fight? Shark or Tiger?
1 Added Argument Can science and religion co-exist?
1 Added Argument Should the USA and its allies have invaded Afghanistan?
1 Added Argument Are you a racist if you disagree with Barry Obama?
1 Added Argument Money can buy happiness
0 Added Argument Capital Punishment in Australia
1 High Rated Argument Which country is better - England or U.S.A?
2 Added Argument Would you be willing to be a Vegetarian for a month?

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