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duncer's Reward Points: 419

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate should there be a button on jc debates saying :WARNING its a jc debate
1 Added Argument Do you know what cinco de Mayo is? Are you going to celebrate it? if so, how?
0 Added Argument If a Hermaphrodite contortionist could lick her own naughty bits, would she be asexual?
2 Added Argument Instant Turn Ons - What Are Yours?
1 Added Argument Political Slogans 2012
2 Added Argument Master Chief vs Chuck Norris
1 Added Argument M&Ms----SKITTLES---- JOLLY RANCHER----SNIKERS
1 Added Argument what's better halo3 or halo wars
1 Added Argument would w.o.w for xbox360 be good?
4 Created Debate will runescape on wii be good??
5 Created Debate would w.o.w for xbox360 be good?
1 Added Argument Safest way to tan?
0 Added Argument Is masturbation a form of incest?
5 Added Argument What is wrong with the World Wide Web?
1 Added Argument When you go to a public restroom, to relieve yourself, which urinal do you prefer?
1 Added Argument Neue Geschmacksrichtungen für Mate
0 Added Argument which side is better?
0 Created Debate which side is better?
3 Created Debate Housing Drunks and Letting Them Drink Saves Millions
1 Added Argument can we have multi accounts?
4 Created Debate should i do my Apprenticeship
5 Created Debate can we have multi accounts?
1 Added Argument Will Sarah Palin Be Foolish Enough To Run For President In 2012?
-1 Downvoted Argument What things would you like to see in COD:MW2

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