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erin_r's Reward Points: 39

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument If you can sell your blood, sperm, and eggs, why can't you sell your kidneys?
1 Added Argument If someone is drowning and you refuse to help, are you responsible for his death
1 Added Argument If you were super rich would you build an underground bunker?
2 Created Debate Society is becoming more divided
1 Added Argument Europe will Become Muslim
-1 Downvoted Argument I try, but I cannot look at a woman WITHOUT thinking about her private parts
1 Added Argument Can we use Non-Violence to destroy terrorism?
1 Added Argument Do Transgender's Have A Mental Disorder?
1 Added Argument Should Trampolines Be Banned?
1 Added Argument Is it gay to have sex with a transgender person who used to be your sex?
1 Added Argument Transgender Is Normal And Ok, OK?
2 Added Argument Do Transgender's Have A Mental Disorder?

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