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ezekiel_roma's Reward Points: 526

Points When What Where
9 High Rated Argument Anime
10 High Rated Argument Satanism vs Christianity
4 Created Debate Will a World Government End all wars?
1 Added Argument Should all mentally ill people be prevented from owning guns?
5 Added Argument Should Abortions be allowed in the USA?
1 Added Argument Is Wisdom better than Knowledge?
5 Added Argument Is forcing your child to be a certain religion, a form of child abuse?
1 Added Argument Are you a cat person or a dog person
5 Created Debate Which can bring you more happiness?
5 Created Debate Are you a cat person or a dog person
3 Created Debate Which had the most contributions in the modern world?
1 Added Argument Screw the poor!
1 Added Argument Excactly.
1 Added Argument Why is God not helping us if God is so good
1 Added Argument Is a strict teacher a better teacher?
2 Added Argument If you could remove one person from history who would it be?
5 Created Debate Cause of Atheism
1 Added Argument What is your best book?
3 Added Argument Is animals testing wrong
4 Added Argument Should Gays Be Allowed To Adopt?
1 Added Argument Christians: Should hermaphrodites have the right to a marry someone of either sex?
3 Created Debate Are school uniforms a good or a bad thing?
2 Added Argument Is it more logical to be agnostic than atheist?
5 Created Debate Is it possible to have a perfect society?

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