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garry77777's Reward Points: 1794

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Is Egypt's Morsi the Worlds Latest Dictator?
1 Added Argument Should Boys and girls be able to kiss in school
1 High Rated Argument Which country is better - England or U.S.A?
3 Added Argument Will the U.S.A ever fall under dictatorship
1 Added Argument Obama Has Won the Presidential Election. How do you feel?
4 Added Argument Should Stacey Dash Have Been Criticized For Her Tweet in Support of Romney?
6 Added Argument The United States should declare war on Iran.
1 Added Argument Atheists. You have died, and find yourself before Yahweh. What do you say?
1 Added Argument Would you kill yourself knowing you could save 4,000+ people doing so?
5 Added Argument Ya, i do have mental issues
1 Added Argument Is Russia Today (RT) a Russian propaganda channel?
2 Added Argument we dont need science to evolve.
1 Added Argument The end of the US dollar (is fast approaching)
1 Added Argument What Is Your Opinion on Grammar Nazis?
1 Added Argument No justice yet for Rachel Corrie and her family.
5 Created Debate No justice yet for Rachel Corrie and her family.
1 Added Argument A World Peace Treaty
2 Added Argument Is Suicide Justifiable?
1 Added Argument Should we end the War on Terrorâ„¢?
1 Added Argument Suicide should be easy and simple.
1 Added Argument is it me, or do americans think they're the only people living on this planet?
4 Added Argument Nihilism
1 Added Argument Vegetarian is best or Omnivore is best
1 Added Argument Great Britain vs. The United States of America (Actual War)
1 Added Argument Which is better, British Comedy or American Comedy?
1 Added Argument Nazi Germay's defeat was foretold long before the start of the war by kid's game
1 Added Argument Atheist's Blind Fatih Revealed.
1 Added Argument The United States of America is not a Democracy
1 Added Argument Why Aren't There Any Canadian Users on CD?
1 Added Argument Why Aren't There Any Canadian Users on CD?
7 Added Argument If you had to change your profile image to that of a historical figure which would it be?
1 Added Argument Opinions of religion. Why or why don't believe in them?
1 Added Argument Here's your chance: Debate TERMINATOR!
2 Created Debate Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie.
1 Added Argument My grandson's music page -- please give as much feedback as possible!
1 Added Argument Should the minimum wage be abolished?
3 Added Argument USA is the best nation of all time, they have contributed the most to the world.
2 Added Argument Did Obama really say successful people didn't do it on their own?
3 Created Debate How can a person satisfy their soul?
0 Created Debate How do can a person satisfy their soul?
1 Added Argument Does entropy prove the validity of a monotheistic religion?
1 Added Argument Is the U.S Government exaggerating the whole "terrorist scare" thing?
2 Added Argument Where In the Hell Has Garry Been? I'm Getting Worried!
1 Added Argument What is spirituality?
1 Added Argument Is it murder to kill during a war?
1 Added Argument Should TransGender Women Compete in Beauty Pageants?
1 Added Argument Which circle of hell do you think you're going to?
1 Added Argument Existence of God

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