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gidget25's Reward Points: 32

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Whats the best womens only sport?
2 Added Argument Why are some people just smarter than others?
2 Created Debate FaceBook vs. Twitter
1 Created Debate Re-Building of Ground Zero
1 Added Argument Is Obama fit for The Office?
1 Added Argument You are never too old to make a difference
1 Added Argument The United States is still a British Colony
0 Added Argument Should African Americans be genetically modifed to change their Behavior
1 Added Argument uniforms in school should be abolished
1 Added Argument It is easier to maintain good relationships in social networking sites such as Facebook.
1 Added Argument Titanic vs Avatar
1 Added Argument On December 21, 2012, do you think the world is going to end?
1 Added Argument A vegetarian diet is as healthy a diet containing meat.
5 Created Debate Is texting a growing problem in America today?
1 Added Argument Should racist-like debates be removed and banned from
5 Created Debate Unicorn or Dragon
1 Added Argument Which Law School is Better?
1 Added Argument What is the most fun Sport?
2 Added Argument The police is given too much power
1 Added Argument COW VS PIG
2 Added Argument Everything is real

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