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instig8or's Reward Points: 3308

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1 Added Argument Split America into 5 sub-countries!
1 Added Argument LGBTQ Rights
3 Added Argument Huxley vs Orwell
3 Added Argument Will Dykes soon become an extinct species?
1 Added Argument Obama links terrorism to Climate Change,1st and 2nd Amendment
10 Added Argument At what age is it okay to lose your V-card?
1 Added Argument Who Really Runs this Site?
5 Added Argument Nelson Mandela: A Liberator or a Terrorist?
5 Added Argument Is it Okay to Lose Your Virginity to a Prostitute?
1 Added Argument Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff (same army) vs Gryffindor and Slytherin
2 Added Argument WinklePicker is SS who was Hellno to begin with.
7 Added Argument Is gay okay?

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