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james987's Reward Points: 148

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument What should be done to paedophiles?
-1 Downvoted Argument Under no condition should a book be banned from public schools.
1 Added Argument How do you stand on racial profiling?
2 Added Argument Obama
1 Added Argument Obama
1 Added Argument Should gay marriages be allowable?
2 Created Debate Attorney General Eric Holder should be reprimanded??
1 Added Argument President Bush: Good or Bad?
1 Added Argument Abortion
1 Added Argument The American Military is...
1 Created Debate do you think Lebron is hurt
1 Created Debate who is the best quarterback ever???
2 Created Debate should steroids be made legal for adults ex 21yrs old... not in sports but in general???
1 Created Debate Better sport....???????
1 Added Argument Do you think the opinion of youth is overlooked or ignored?
1 Added Argument Are gay people born that way?
1 Added Argument Organized religion has done more harm than good.
1 Added Argument Doctors Without Borders????????? Assholes?????
3 Created Debate Doctors Without Borders????????? Assholes?????
2 Added Argument Priorities and Goals of Humankind as a Whole
1 Added Argument Do you like the new picture?!
2 Added Argument Jesus VS Allah who will win?
1 Added Argument Spanking, licks, etc shoud be re-established in the school systems.

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