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judgemaster's Reward Points: 265

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument The Avengers vs The X Men
1 Added Argument Who are the top 5 military tacticians, from any time period?
1 Added Argument Temple Culture - Is it religious fanaticism, or cultural heritage?
2 Added Argument Is it right to question god?
4 Created Debate Temple Culture - Is it religious fanaticism, or cultural heritage?
1 Added Argument Do you believe in the Death Penalty?
1 Added Argument SPOTLIGHT SERIES - nummi
1 Added Argument How Would You Describe Ismaila?
1 Added Argument if someone tells you that you are going to Hell, say this. ;)
2 Added Argument Why do Athiests bash Christians so harshly?
1 Added Argument Is human nature, at it's core, savage?
1 Added Argument Does luck really exist?
1 Added Argument Should hunting be considered murder?
1 Added Argument Science refutes God.
1 Added Argument Atheists lack religious tolerance
1 Added Argument The Avengers vs The X Men
5 Created Debate Does luck really exist?
3 Created Debate Should criminals responsible for serious crimes be tortured?
2 Added Argument Are you going to have a Valentine? ;)
1 Added Argument Are we truly committed to the struggle for equality in America?
1 Added Argument A word to the wise: does not combine sedatives with caffeine.
7 Added Argument Christians worship a Zombie
2 Added Argument Pirates of the Caribbean
1 Added Argument China vs USA

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