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laurjohn's Reward Points: 97

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument Televised sports is entertainment for dumb people.
1 Added Argument Does an atheist take the concept of God more seriously than a self-proclaimed believer?
2 High Rated Argument The Twilight Saga VS. Harry Potter? Whos better?
1 Added Argument what should be the recommended age for this website
1 Added Argument Does God exist?
2 Added Argument should they make physical activity mandatory in school
2 Added Argument Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed?
2 Added Argument Modern music is contributing to the downfall of society.
1 Added Argument Education of girls is a burden....
1 Added Argument The Twilight Saga VS. Harry Potter? Whos better?
1 Added Argument What is your favourite piece of classical music?
3 Added Argument Best Classic movie quotes
5 Created Debate Best Classic movie quotes
1 Added Argument people with mental disorders just thinking realistically?
2 Added Argument Santa Claus should be banned.
1 Added Argument A collection of parenting advise
5 Added Argument is it fair that famous sportsmen get paid more than emergency services
4 Added Argument Would the world be better withour religion?
1 Added Argument Is there an exception for every rule?
1 Added Argument If I had a billion dollars to spare...
1 Added Argument Do you get annoyed when you notice somebody reading over your shoulder?
1 Added Argument Favorite General Quotes
2 Added Argument That Judges Should Be Elected
2 Added Argument Immigrants change the culture of Australia

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