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mithoo19's Reward Points: 806

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument No one will ever want to go out with me!!! :(
1 Added Argument who's better? Batman, superman, flash, or wonderwoman.
1 Added Argument What Was Your Favorite Film of 2014? (Explorer Movie Series #1)
3 Created Debate Is it better to have smartphone or the old flipflop one would do
1 Added Argument Why We Need Tution Classes
1 Added Argument Your favourite culture?
1 Added Argument DENOUNCE HELLNO!!!
1 Added Argument Is this dress Black and Blue or White and Gold?
1 Added Argument Is it better to be a Dreamer or Realist?
1 Added Argument Girls Should Be Able To Play Boys Sports
2 Added Argument Do you support OR oppose child labour?
1 Added Argument Do you think that time travel is possible?

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