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1 Added Argument Why is lawlessness fostered on our southern border?
1 Added Argument The 'DUCK' is dead, long live the Duck.
0 Added Argument I'm all but gone from Create Debate so this is me saying so long
1 Added Argument White males are doing the mass shootings - we need white male control
1 Added Argument Bill Maher says the left is bringing back segregation. He's right
1 Added Argument Why are Americans so obsessed with Racism?
1 Added Argument Democrats call for ''Truth Commission''
1 Added Argument Democrats slammed for doctoring evidence for impeachment trial
1 Added Argument Left wing media propaganda has you in a fake, North Korea level reality
1 Added Argument The fake, virtue signaling left, shows it hates immigrants in real life
1 Added Argument Commies say burn it down while critisizing "insurrection"
1 Added Argument The Myth Of Reverse Racism
1 Added Argument CIVIL WAR. LET'S GET IT ON!
1 Added Argument Seven Ministry of Magic wizards trying to cast stunning spells to take down Mitch McConnel
1 Added Argument 2020 has proven the left's vision is gutter trash in real time
1 Added Argument Is "homosexual marriage" marriage?
1 Added Argument What's up you Idiot Progressives ?
1 Added Argument Who Remembers Cheers?
5 Created Debate To all the anti-christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so hate Christians
1 Added Argument Homosexuality
1 Added Argument I’m gonna get vaccinated. You?
2 Added Argument Where's the outrage to all this LGBT hysteria and forced affirmative action?
-1 Downvoted Argument Science, Doctors & so called experts finally admit what the data & Trump said all along...
1 Created Debate I've been here four years!

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