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1 Added Argument Here are today's priorities when electing politicians. Life & death loses to accusations.
1 Added Argument Should there be a limit of children you can have?
2 Added Argument Can you explain how determinism doesn't defeat justice/morality?
1 Added Argument Did We Evolve From Animals?
1 Added Argument Fascism is Good (Please read my argument)
-1 Downvoted Argument The Question of Patriotism as it Relates to Diversity
1 Added Argument Do you believe in a God/
-1 Downvoted Argument Is homosexuality a choice?
-1 Downvoted Argument Is homosexuality a choice?
1 Created Debate This Election is Cancer
1 Added Argument Gary Johnson for President!
1 Added Argument An Imaginary Dystopian Society
1 Added Argument Are you Deplorable or Project Veritas?
1 Added Argument Donald John Trump (Sr.) or Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
1 Added Argument How do you reconcile the Theistic platform with the Veil of Ignorance Thought Experiment?
1 Added Argument Obama is a clown
1 Added Argument With a good Fox news moderator, he asked Hillary about her no limit abortion support.
1 Added Argument Trump's delegitimization of the electoral process
5 Created Debate Trump's delegitimization of the electoral process
1 Added Argument Our media withheld Trump's locker room talk in primaries to make sure Hillary wins!
1 Added Argument What does support for Trump mean for the future of the religious right politically?
1 Added Argument Bill Clinton calling Obamacare a crazy plan, was no gaff! This was their one payer plan!
1 Added Argument Clinton to use executive order to kill the 2nd Amendment
1 Added Argument Deplorables or Despicables?
2 Added Argument Hillary supporters are making the wrong choice...
1 Added Argument Bill's sexual conduct matters in this election
1 Added Argument Wikileaks: Hillary created ISIS
1 Added Argument Is it Christmas?
5 Created Debate Is it Christmas?
1 Added Argument You are witnessing the priorities of the Progressive Left in the Democrat party.....
1 Added Argument Should the economy be left to function by itself with little state reulation?
1 Added Argument OK Boys, Fess Up
1 Added Argument $1000 for yourself or $100 each for others?
0 Downvoted Argument Trump vs Hillary who one the debate
2 Added Argument Saved, going to Heaven VS Lost, going to Hell
1 Added Argument We all know how the Left lies about how Christians care what you do in your bedroom.
2 Added Argument The Left tells us it's no one's business what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms, but
1 Added Argument America can't establish religion but Progressives want to establish LGBT laws.
10 High Rated Argument Trump Vs Clinton Debate 2 - Who Won?
1 Added Argument How Many Dimensions do Atheists Perceive? Then Can a Sixth Sense Exist?
2 Added Argument American Democracy: soft despotism?
4 Added Argument If God was in Human form on earth as King, could people still ignore God and obey satan?
6 Added Argument Trump Vs Clinton Debate 2 - Who Won?
1 Added Argument What's so sad today, is the many people who actually believe they are basically good.
1 Added Argument The Left always use the same ridiculous excuses for idiots who refuse to honor our nation.
2 Added Argument Why do you think that only the four Gospels were chosen out of the many?
1 Added Argument Don't you just love those who would vote for a criminal rather than a Republican?
1 Added Argument Are the records in the Bible real?

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