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phuqster's Reward Points: 123

Points When What Where
10 High Rated Argument Do you believe in God?
2 High Rated Argument Should guns be banned in America?
2 High Rated Argument Can god be omniscient and omnipotent? Someone lied
1 High Rated Argument Is there Really Right and Wrong?
4 High Rated Argument Is water wet?
1 Added Argument What is the stupidest-sounding swearword you can think of?
1 Added Argument What do you think about ABC and NBC’s refusal to air an anti-‘Obamacare’ ad?
2 Added Argument There are "rights" for the needy but no one talks about the "rights" of the able bodies
1 Added Argument Should our troops be pulled out of Afghanistan
3 Added Argument Is there an "afterlife" after death?
1 Added Argument Are you offended by the use of the word "God" vs. "god"
2 Added Argument What happened to America?

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