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pirateelfdog's Reward Points: 2655

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2 Added Argument Here's that slippery slope of PC Transgender lunacy. Men are allowed to race as women!
1 Added Argument Should athletes be able to compete in the gender they identify with or were born as?
1 Added Argument New Year Resolutions 2018?
8 Added Argument The Democrat party always explains which abortions are ok, but never which ones are not.
3 Added Argument Has the Left created their new political correct biology books for public schools?
1 Added Argument Should Gays be able to force private family owned businesses to go against their faith?
1 Added Argument When you see a Downs Syndrome child in the Mall, do you cover your kid's eyes & ears?
4 Added Argument Have you noticed how Liberals always ignore the actual point of Conservative debates?
1 Added Argument Do Gay Men Have A Special Duty to Protect Children?
1 Added Argument To all the anti Christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so dislike Christians.
1 Added Argument Do I deserve to die and burn in Hell forever?
2 Added Argument So called Moderate Muslims do what so called Liberal Christians do. Twist their reigion.

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