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pujolspals's Reward Points: 198

Points When What Where
3 High Rated Argument Who Is Better LiL Wayne Or Drake?
5 Created Debate who will win the super bowl
5 Created Debate Do you think that the end of the world will come in the next 1000 yrs.?
2 Created Debate What kind of transportation do you see the world using in 300 years?
5 Created Debate Star Wars or Star Trek?
5 Created Debate is tiger woods' golfing career over?
4 Created Debate what team will end up with matt holliday?
-1 Downvoted Argument What's the best e-mail site?
5 Created Debate Did the Yankees "buy" the World Series?
1 Created Debate Did you have a good thanksgiving?
2 Created Debate Where would you rank Thanksgiving on a list of favorite holidays?
2 Created Debate What's the best thing about Thanksgiving?

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