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rpatnaudei's Reward Points: 21

Points When What Where
7 High Rated Argument Obama
1 Created Debate Should the United States support Americanized hyphenation?
2 Added Argument Obama
1 Added Argument The United States of America should just annex Mexico.
1 Added Argument Why is our government so stupid???? And how do we fix it???
0 Added Argument Arizona's New Immigration Law
1 Added Argument Do You Believe You Were Put On Earth For A Reason?
1 Added Argument should high schools give out condoms to high school students
1 Added Argument Under no condition should a book be banned from public schools.
1 Added Argument Should young people question authority?
1 Added Argument is god real
1 Added Argument Am I fat or not
1 Added Argument Would a benevolent God send people to hell?
1 Added Argument Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency?

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