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saintlouis's Reward Points: 161

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you think people are becoming more intolerant?
1 Added Argument Do you think there will ever be a strong enough movement to shape up the world? Explain...
1 Added Argument If you had the chance to meet Brock O'Bama what would you say?!?
1 Added Argument tax on savings/investment?
5 Created Debate tax on savings/investment?
1 Added Argument What is the more legitimate weapon: Fear, or the Promise of Progress through Unity?
0 Added Argument Are we addressing the problem of Transexualism in a helpful way?
1 Added Argument Is it just me or do english teachers put more thought into books then the actual author?
1 Created Debate Does NATO presence improve the live of Afghan citizens?
1 Added Argument What economic system do you feel works best and why? (Capitalism, Socialism, etc.)
3 Added Argument IS the USA the greatest country.
1 Added Argument where were you on September 11th 2001
5 Created Debate Do the people of a nation have an obligation to provide welfare to their fellow citizens?
0 Added Argument Historically Are African Americans held to a higher standard
1 Added Argument Republican vs Democrat
0 Added Argument Should Fags and Dikes be allowed to clone themselves as children?
1 Added Argument They aren't really animals after all, and so, should not have any rights!
2 Added Argument Firearms Refresher Course
1 Added Argument Our Earth- Round or Flat???
0 Downvoted Argument Should Obama demand jail time for all white supremacy activity
0 Added Argument Should Obama demand jail time for all white supremacy activity
1 Added Argument has india potential to lead the world?
1 Added Argument The Obama Administration is Racist
1 Added Argument Should steriods be allowed in the Majors?

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