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sayyad99's Reward Points: 773

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Fags should be expelled from Schools etc.
5 High Rated Argument Is Islam a religion of violence or a religion of peace?
1 Added Argument Does this break your freedom of speech?
1 Added Argument Does this break your freedom of speech?
1 Added Argument Should teachers reward students for performing well?
9 Added Argument Pro-life vs. Pro-choice
2 Created Debate Which is better? Federalism or Anti-Federalism?
5 Created Debate Should the prices for tickets be based on passengers' body weights?
5 Created Debate Did video games cause Sandy Hook Massacre?
4 Created Debate Should funding towards abortion be terminated?
3 Added Argument Should assisted suicide be legal?
3 Created Debate Should abortion be illegal?
3 Created Debate Should we pursue human cloning for any reason?
5 Created Debate Should assisted suicide be legal?
1 Added Argument Gays going to the supreme court for marriage will they win or lose
2 Added Argument Should Bullies get Harsh punishments for Bullying
1 Added Argument Should Prostitution Be Legalized?
2 Added Argument Should the American Government place stricter laws on gun possession?
5 Added Argument Do you believe in the Death Penalty?
1 Added Argument Ban dangerous objects?
3 Added Argument Justifiable Torture
2 Added Argument Should welfare programs be eliminated?
1 Added Argument A life without government
6 Added Argument Should Adolecents be sentenced to life without parole?

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