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shaneyam99's Reward Points: 112

Points When What Where
2 Created Debate who won this fight?
1 Added Argument Polygamy?
1 Added Argument should we have a certain age for movies?
6 Added Argument Abortion Should Be Banned
1 Added Argument Should obese people pay more for health care?
5 Created Debate Polygamy?
2 Added Argument Is Obama perfect?
2 Added Argument Premarital Sex (Should minors be able to have premarital sex?)
2 Added Argument Whether or not it's allowed, prayer is already happening in school
1 Added Argument Who Is More Racist?
5 Created Debate why are people who work at mcdonalds idiots
2 Added Argument what gender has it easier women or men?
4 Created Debate do you think Rihanna has a big forehead or is it just me
1 Added Argument Who is hotter: Alison Brie or Megan Fox?
-1 Downvoted Argument Who is hotter: Alison Brie or Megan Fox?
1 Added Argument Should Platypuses be classified as a mammal?
2 Added Argument Should people be called the color of their skin?
2 Added Argument Who the hell does this president think he is?
0 Added Argument What animal is the best pet to own?
5 Created Debate How old should you be to drink alcohol?
5 Created Debate was closing guantanamo bay a good idea or a bad one?
3 Added Argument Women are not funny.
5 Created Debate what gender has it easier women or men?
1 Added Argument what are we supposed to do with our lives

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