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Points When What Where
3 High Rated Argument Can any country defeat China if they went to war against them?
-1 Downvoted Argument Britain didn't need Americas help to win the war(WWII) (revisited)
-1 Downvoted Argument Britain didn't need Americas help to win the war(WWII) (revisited)
8 Added Argument Britain didn't need Americas help to win the war(WWII) (revisited)
1 Added Argument How Obama Got Elected
1 High Rated Argument Do You Think Deaf People Should Be Treated Equally As Hearing People
1 Added Argument Charlie asks... Who are your top three least favorite debaters?
-1 Downvoted Argument Do you think it was a good idea to make the "mini Gitmo" in Illinois?
1 Added Argument Is Nickelodeon better than Cartoon Network???
-1 Downvoted Argument Should homosexuals have the right to hold a political office?
1 Added Argument Is the cost of college too high?
2 Added Argument Which is the best superhero movie?
-1 Downvoted Argument Should America ban the death penalty?
1 High Rated Argument Who was the better presindent
5 Added Argument Which country is better - England or U.S.A?
1 Added Argument Which country is better - England or U.S.A?
10 Added Argument IS the USA the greatest country.
9 High Rated Argument Is PS3 better than Xbox 360
0 Added Argument Will Blacks have to hold white peoples hands forever?
0 Added Argument Is white America Afraid they will not be able to survive without blacks?
-1 Downvoted Argument What is your IQ?
4 Created Debate Should the US cancel its plans for naval drills with South Korea?
1 Added Argument Does China have the potential to take over the world?
2 Added Argument If USA continues to be on the top, Humans head towards
4 Added Argument Are we to use death penalty?
1 Added Argument Do Americans have the right to universal healthcare?
7 Added Argument Is America a bad ally for Britain
1 Added Argument Can Humanity survive our technolgical infancy?
1 Added Argument should we help Africa until they are as technologically advanced as us
1 Added Argument The best city in the world is...
1 Added Argument who has more power the government or the media?
3 Added Argument Could the USA take over the world?
3 Added Argument Cocaine and other illegal drugs ought not be legalized.
1 Added Argument The Atomic Bomb: Was dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki the right decision?
1 Added Argument Who was responsible for 9/11?
1 Added Argument U.S.A or E.U? Which is better to live in?
3 Added Argument Isn't it ridiculous, on how athletes get paid billions to run with a ball?
3 Added Argument Is the USA a threat to world stability or a political force for good?
7 Added Argument should smoking be allowed in public
1 Added Argument Should The United States Leave The United Nations?
1 Added Argument Why Are Most Actors Turned Politicians Republicans?
2 Added Argument Is it ever acceptable to pay or receive a bribe?
3 Added Argument Can The Assassination Of A Dictator Be Justified?
2 Added Argument Doctors
3 Added Argument America has a moral duty to stop genocide, even if it means going to war.
1 Added Argument Scariest film ever?

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