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smithereen's Reward Points: 43

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is there an appropriate age to stop breast feeding?
4 Added Argument Creationism vs. Evolutionism
1 Added Argument Does Trump have a chance at getting the Republican nomination?
1 Added Argument Who, if anyone, would you give your life up for?
1 Added Argument Is Face book better than Myspace
2 Added Argument Are teen suicides more due to peer pressure or psychological problems?
10 High Rated Argument Pirates vs Ninjas
2 Added Argument Pirates vs Ninjas
1 Added Argument Wake Up debaters , this site is for people to interact verabally !
2 Added Argument Love is NOT unconditional when it comes to a mate
1 Added Argument Whats going to happen in 2012
2 Added Argument Would the world be better without all religions?
1 Added Argument Bugs Bunny vs. Daffy Duck
1 Added Argument Do really give a rats ass what people think about you?
2 Added Argument Is George bush an asshole or a hero
2 Added Argument Facebook
1 Created Debate android. vs pocket pc.
1 Created Debate android. vs pocket pc.
1 Added Argument If you could have three super powers what would they be???
1 Added Argument What makes a good thing good and a bad thing bad?
3 Created Debate What makes a good thing good and a bad thing bad?
1 Added Argument Do you beleive in God?
1 Added Argument india has potential to lead the world

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