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souloflight's Reward Points: 411

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument While studying for exams, one should not have any fun at all
1 Added Argument Seriously, there's something wrong with cats
5 Created Debate While studying for exams, one should not have any fun at all
1 Added Argument Gatorade or Redbull
1 Added Argument Parents should accept teenage rebellion in their kids
5 Created Debate Apart from rituals, gods, rules all religions teach us the same thing
1 Added Argument How Many CD Accounts do You Have?
7 Added Argument is islam the true religion
5 Created Debate Are energy drinks actually bad for children
5 Created Debate Gatorade or Redbull
0 Added Argument "Women will never enjoy the same rights as men." Do you agree?
1 Added Argument Would the world be a better place without religion?
2 Added Argument Want to play a game? ^_^
1 Added Argument Which debater would you most like to have a drink with?
1 Added Argument what colour is best.
2 Added Argument Where Would You Like To Go?
1 Added Argument Can anyone wear short shorts?
1 Added Argument Talking to yourself is fun!!
5 Created Debate Talking to yourself is fun!!
3 Created Debate JOECAVALRY's obsessions with himself are funny
5 Created Debate Is being fat bad?
1 Added Argument The most annoying debater?
3 Added Argument Kony 2012
1 Added Argument Everyone on CreateDebate is.....

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