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stratos's Reward Points: 85

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Are we alone in the Universe?
2 Added Argument Non-vegan foods should be banned worldwide.
3 Added Argument Grammar, my problem
5 Created Debate Grammar, my problem
1 Added Argument Is love the distraction from a dying world?
1 Added Argument Agree? George Galloway is a Brilliant politician?
4 Added Argument The Rules #1 - Plagiarism
4 Added Argument There are ONLY 10 new debates.... What has happened to CreateDebate?
0 Created Debate K-12 Is a Good Educational system?
2 Added Argument Can Legalizing Prostitution Have Negative Consequences?
1 Added Argument Is it wrong for a guy to watch a movie meant for ladies?
3 Added Argument An excellent message from the older generation to the younger generation.
1 Added Argument When we enter this site, are we entering the Twilight Zone where copying arguments is ok?
1 Added Argument What is your view on war?
1 Added Argument Are Iron Man and Captain America gay?
1 Added Argument Russia bombing Syria to target ISIS
1 Added Argument Why do floods occur?
1 Added Argument Snowden vs Assange
1 Added Argument Can High IQ Individuals Adopt Talent?
1 Added Argument Mini-rant: This site needs to mature.
5 Created Debate Agree? George Galloway is a Brilliant politician?
1 Added Argument New Study Proves that Homosexuality is not genetic
2 Added Argument Egoistical People
1 Added Argument Porn teaches kids an unhealthy and unrealistic idea of how quickly

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