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stswebb's Reward Points: 73

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Abortion
1 Added Argument The racism 'big switch' is a myth, and it's easy to prove.
1 Added Argument If Trump won as a Democrat, the left would justify every word and every tweet
1 Added Argument Can Socialism work? If it can, should it?
1 Added Argument I actually felt sorry for this Liberal. Bronto would have eaten her alive
1 Added Argument Democrats will justify almost any idea and any concept if... it walks the party
1 Added Argument Is it OK for Trump to be a doosh because Hillary is a doosh?
0 Added Argument Liberals want Russian system but are scared of a theoretical Russian takeover
1 Added Argument If you're UNINSURED, and you get cancer, can you get CHEMOTHERAPY at your local ER?
3 Added Argument Creating affordable health care for all is INCOMPATIBLE with modern conservative ideology
2 Added Argument Will Dems grasp that their non stop Russia witch hunt on Trump shows their intolerance?
0 Added Argument The Democrats should change from a donkey to one of their real symbols
1 Added Argument If you can't win debate go for sexism, racism, bigotry or intollerance
0 Added Argument Let's call the Left what it is, a Freak show
1 Added Argument Should Christians be allowed to run for public office?
2 Added Argument Atheists can stop whining leave Christianized nations & live in Islamic nations
2 Added Argument "In God We Trust" right there on a 20 dollar bill
1 Added Argument If you can't win debate go for sexism, racism, bigotry or intollerance
1 Added Argument Atheists can't separate God and religion
1 Added Argument Can you imagine if Liberals were in control of America when Hitler was spreading his evil?
0 Added Argument Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan Muslim said that Obama was a Muslim
1 Added Argument New study says non-religious more close-minded then religious
0 Added Argument If men were really monkeys, who created the first monkey?
1 Added Argument Most Democrats do not believe in liberty and justice for all

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