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trumpet_guy's Reward Points: 502

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument To take a position concerning what good and evil are, and why, is religious activity
3 Added Argument If Jesus did conquer death, then he was rebellious like Satan.
1 Added Argument Christians... Is this concerning to you?
1 Added Argument Easter is NOT a pagan holiday
2 Added Argument Should we destroy the population of cats?
1 Added Argument Gay man says homosexuality a mental disorder? Is he right or wrong?
1 Added Argument Is morality dependent on religion?
1 Added Argument Is Satan (The Devil) The Bad Guy?
1 Added Argument Is Satan really evil?
7 Added Argument Are There Any Good Arguments For Gods Existence?
1 High Rated Argument Pro-life vs. Pro-choice
1 Added Argument Too Stupid For Science? Try Religion
1 Added Argument The Bible is full of contradictions
3 Added Argument Do Christians have a moral duty to convert people?
1 Added Argument How can a loving God allow evil and then punish humans and angels for it?
2 Added Argument Should Church & State be separated?
1 Added Argument Teach the controversy?
2 Added Argument Is Satan supposed to be interpreted as a real being?
3 Added Argument What happened to the 1rst Amendment?!
1 Added Argument It is okay for Christians to think for themselves.
-1 Downvoted Argument Original Views of Creation in Genesis
4 Created Debate Original Views of Creation in Genesis
1 Added Argument Noahs Ark Did it Happen?
2 Added Argument Were the seven days of creation in Genesis literal days?

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