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turpificatus's Reward Points: 217

Points When What Where
5 High Rated Argument Is Global Warming Happening?
3 High Rated Argument Should guns be banned in America?
1 Added Argument What is better COD4 or COD:WaW
1 Added Argument Roadside Advertisements
1 Added Argument Roadside Advertisements
5 Created Debate Roadside Advertisements
1 Added Argument Should people be allowed to act different than others?
1 Added Argument God's Debris
1 Added Argument who would win the war???
1 Added Argument What is the first order of business for any given language?
1 Added Argument What do you think of Obama's Economic Plan?
1 Added Argument Are we going to have attacks worse than 9/11 in the near future?
1 Added Argument Does every living thing have *a right* to exist?
2 Added Argument Is changing the world to suit one's purposes unnatural?
1 Added Argument Do humans know enough about managing the environment to attempt to manage global warming?
2 Added Argument Will Al Gore's new "We can solve it" campaign have an impact on Global Warming?
1 Added Argument Do you want Congress to approve the $700B bailout plan?
1 Added Argument Faith is ignorance.
1 Added Argument Matt Damon's take on Sarah Palin
1 Added Argument What do you tink about teachers carrying guns?
1 Added Argument Do religious organizations scare you?
4 Added Argument Is China using under aged girls in Olympic gymnastics?
1 Added Argument What is your favorite sport?
1 Added Argument Will you watch the Olympics opening ceremonies?

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