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victor01's Reward Points: 146

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Do atheist have Schizophrenia?
1 Added Argument Wierd debate
1 Added Argument Should Polygamy Be Legal?
2 Added Argument Do homophobes have a heart or are they just nincompoops?
5 Created Debate Fighting for peace: Ironic
2 Added Argument Is turning 18 really that big of a deal?
2 Added Argument Life is a sexually transmitted, terminal disease
1 Added Argument Do you think ppl should get scholarships for their race, sexual orientation, or religion?
3 Added Argument Should Facebook Be Allowed To Look Through Your Profile And Judge Your Age
1 Added Argument Is climate change man made or natural?
1 Added Argument School should focus on grades,not creativity.
1 Added Argument Question to you regarding the Government.....

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