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victor01's Reward Points: 146

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Does OBama have a shot at getting re-elected in '12
2 Created Debate Will the Democrats get Blown out of Office in the Upcoming Elections?
1 Added Argument Why doesn't government abide to its own rules and laws?
0 Added Argument Should white people stop crying all the time and Grow up
1 Added Argument How does taxing fast food and soft drinks help the poor?
4 Created Debate Are religious beliefs irrational or rational? Have they done more harm than good?
1 Added Argument should we still be in war or should are soldiers come home??
1 Added Argument Ban Qymosabi
0 Added Argument Are Crackers out of control?
2 Added Argument Would God Send a Child to Hell if He/She did Something Bad?
5 Created Debate Would God Send a Child to Hell if He/She did Something Bad?
1 Added Argument Women are amazing xxx
2 Added Argument What is the birther movement of accusing the President as a non legal citizen?
1 Added Argument should the minimum length of the argument remain 50?
1 Added Argument Mooning and/or Flashing People
1 Added Argument Do You Think Its Bad To Lust For A Man Or Woman?
2 Created Debate Is it wrong to support your birth country when you are living in another?
4 Added Argument Victimless crimes, should not be illegal.
2 Added Argument What do you want to do with the person u dislike most?
1 Added Argument Does the Octopus Paul have some supernatural powers or it was just a coincidence?
1 Added Argument Are we to use death penalty?
1 Added Argument Liberals are closed minded.
9 Added Argument Women are amazing xxx
1 Added Argument Is there an 'ADHD Conspiracy'?
1 Added Argument Most liberals are atheists therefore God is a conservative
1 Added Argument Most people come to this site to be offended
5 Created Debate Are Guys Less Confusing then Girls?
1 Added Argument Do you get annoyed when you notice somebody reading over your shoulder?
0 Added Argument Are white People willing to Police themselves?
0 Added Argument should all forms of racism be considered a criminal offense?
0 Added Argument To end all Disputes should each race go back to their nation of origin?
0 Added Argument To end all Disputes should each race go back to their nation of origin?
5 Created Debate Should Abortion be a Woman's Choice?
2 Added Argument If the death penalty was cheaper than imprisonment, would you be for or against it?
1 Added Argument Is it a right of passage for a man to serve in the military?
2 Added Argument Israel's attack on aid flotilla
1 Added Argument Who Is The Best Soccer Player In The World?
0 Added Argument Should a little Amsterdam be created 4 African Americans to make up for slavery?
1 Added Argument Should we blame the BP oil spill on Obama?
1 Added Argument Should Bill Clinton Have Been Removed From Office Because Of His Actions?
1 Created Debate Stimulus Package
5 Created Debate Should America have a flat tax like Russia?
1 Added Argument liberalism is a disease
-1 Downvoted Argument Are Grades Important and or Necessary?
5 Created Debate Are Grades Important and or Necessary?
0 Added Argument Arizona's New Immigration Law
1 Added Argument Spanking, licks, etc shoud be re-established in the school systems.
1 Added Argument Should Executions Be Made Public?

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