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Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should Drama and Speaking be made a Compulsory Lesson in Schools?
1 Added Argument Should Religion Be Abolished?
1 Added Argument Nowadays, people are selfish and greedy. Do you agree?
6 Added Argument Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?
3 Added Argument Who Is The Hottest Liberal Woman?
1 Added Argument I think I figured out why I don't care about anything and poke fun at everything
5 Added Argument IOS vs Android
3 Added Argument Is Patriotism good or bad?
7 Added Argument If the Democrat Party is even thinking about Hillary again, what does that tell you?
10 Added Argument Is homosexual behavior harmful to society?
6 Added Argument Is White Chocolate better than Milk Chocolate
10 Added Argument Is Patriotism good or bad?
2 Added Argument bribery and corruption are worse enemies to our country than armed robbery
10 Added Argument Advantages Of Early Marriage and Late Marriage
9 Added Argument NYC Mayoral Candidate, Anthony Weiner, Pulls His Weiner Out Again, Is He Toast?

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