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waaykuul's Reward Points: 321

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Should voters have to take a test before voting to prove they are not ignorant?
2 High Rated Argument Chuck Norris or God
2 High Rated Argument How is the new Facebook better/worse than the old?
1 Added Argument If you could ask 5 Questions of a Gay person,what would they be?
5 Created Debate Which OS are you looking forward to more? Windows 7 or Snow Leopard?
1 Added Argument Is my new avatar/icon/picture appropriate for this site?
1 Added Argument Does this cartoon move you?
1 Added Argument Why Are They Among The Missing?
1 Added Argument The Day After: Uplifted Spirits or Sour Grapes!
5 Created Debate Does music affect your mood or does your mood affect what music you listen to?
1 Added Argument Electoral Votes Predictions
1 High Rated Argument Was it wrong for the San Fransisco 1st graders to attend a gay wedding?

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