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2 Added Argument Should drug dealers just rat out their competition to the cops?
2 Added Argument The business cycle lasts about 10 years. We're DUE. Will it be Trumps fault?
1 Added Argument Is it GOOD to be in a YUGE trade war with China?
1 Added Argument Is it GOOD to be in a YUGE trade war with China?
2 Added Argument Should I order a deluxe pizza and have it delivered today?
1 Added Argument Does the inverted yield curve indicate a looming recession?
1 Added Argument Do you have a right to other peoples' money?
1 Added Argument Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Added Argument Do conservatives, hate the poor?
1 Added Argument The difference between communism, and democratic socialism.
1 Added Argument Can Muslims defeat the problem of evil?
1 Added Argument Should abortion be safe, legal, and rare?
1 Added Argument It is so pathetic listening to Pro abortion people, calling themselves Christians!
1 Added Argument Do it yourself abortion on the rise, as antichoice radicals get their way on abortion.
1 Added Argument Should children be vaccinated?
1 Added Argument FromWithin compares voting for a prochoice Dem, to voting for a KKK member.
2 Added Argument Is it possible to be too accepting of others?
1 Added Argument Can the scientific community open up its mind just a crack?
1 Added Argument Have you noticed how Dems always claim Conservatives do not care about a life after birth?
1 Added Argument cat teeth cleaning
4 Created Debate cat teeth cleaning
1 Added Argument Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture
5 Created Debate Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture
1 Created Debate dog training at home

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