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zombee's Reward Points: 1026

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Wolverine or Hulk?
1 Added Argument Does anyone deserve to die, for any action?
4 Added Argument If you had an abortion should it be up to both people or just the mother?
2 Added Argument Should we do more to protect and preserve endangered species
1 Added Argument Limiting number of kids
1 Added Argument Marital Sex Or Pre-Marital Sex
1 High Rated Argument Is the "War on Women" real?
2 Added Argument An Issue with Aspects of Feminism
2 Added Argument Should adoption be banned for gay couples?
1 Added Argument A Terrible Argument Against the Existence of God
2 Added Argument Is the "War on Women" real?
3 Added Argument God is on CreateDebate and he's watching you

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