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RSS -Ethereal-

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1 point

Honestly, I can relate to that on quite a few levels. Being a bisexual female honestly just contributes to it too. There's a ton of people who I 100% believe I don't have a chance with; then there's people that I feel 50-50 about, which I can only decide whether I spend time around them and educate myself on them ((which obviously never happens because I'm a socially awkward introvert who doesn't go outside for shiiii-)).

2 points

You'd be surprised to know how smol I am. I guess the inevitability of older age is approaching sooner than assumed for :')

1 point

"What is the reason you're alive?"

We all have a purpose on this Earth. There's no denying that. However, not everybody knows they have a purpose, and not everybody has discovered their purpose yet. I haven't discovered my purpose yet, however I'm always told my purpose is keeping people happy and smiling. That is a purpose. Being told that, I may now face the inevitability of death knowing I have a purpose, and I've benefit someone.

The reason we are alive is to fulfill our purpose, whether it be big or small. There's no actual scientific reason for our existence, and why we're here, however know you have a purpose and you're unique amongst the sea of human kind.

1 point

Well, funnily enough, I do have a sense of humour, but I thought humour was something that's supposed to be funny.. Which you clearly weren't :]

1 point

Yes, and it's literally kicking diversity and languages out the back door :/

1 point

I'm honestly still quite overwhelmed this is actually a topic that people are agreeing to... Another country (whether it be the UK or US) don't have the rights to decide for another country. They're free to talk in whatever bloody language they want to. I'm sure plenty of you would be blind to this, but this is technically equivalent to saying: "Should Hindi be made America's official language?" It just doesn't make sense, and there's no reason why you're doing it in the first place, and it has no impact on your life whatsoever :]

1 point

I am going to select dysphoria to a certain extent. Gender dysphoria is the act of feeling distressed because you feel you aren't truly the gender you were assigned to at birth.

Being transgender isn't dysphoria (like i mentioned before>>) because "gender dysphoria is the act of feeling distressed because you feel you aren't truly the gender you were assigned to at birth." So usually this would be the stages (for some) before starting to transition into the gender they truly believed they were.

As somebody has said in this debate, Transgender, out of all sexualities, has the highest suicide and depression rate, this is not due to dysphoria. If you've had a look at recent stats, young students who are transgender (64% of them) have been bullied, and a large percentage of them have felt out of place and isolated and have contemplated taking their lives/ self harmed. This can CAUSE mental health.

Transgenderism itself is not a mental illness, it's mainly the environment around the transgender person which can cause the mental illness.

Also may I add.. "Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition, for which treatment is sometimes appropriate. It is not a mental illness."

1 point

Ahh.. Right..

I'm now going to silently brood in a corner once again, and contemplate how on Earth (no pun intended) people still believe Earth is flat.

If you hadn't known, there is a force that humans had discovered a while ago, called gravity. A force pulling objects/ humans/ animals (etc.) to the core (centre) of the Earth. Which is why we are currently able to stand and objects are able to stay in one place. We are currently orbiting (going around) the Sun, along with other planets in our Solar System (which are also unquestionably round). Which is how the Sun 'rises', and 'sets', along with the Moon.

For all you clearly uneducated souls who are currently questioning how we currently do not feel the Earth orbit, it is because the Earth is moving at a constant speed, which doesn't change.

To add to my point, to all those who are saying the Earth is flat, you're practically saying that NASA/ other famous space stations and the most famous astronauts ever to walk the surface are lying right to our faces. You're saying that the most technologically complex sorts of machinery have 'edited' all sorts of pictures of the Earth/ other planets to make them seem round. You're saying that there is an edge/ end to our Earth?

If you somehow manage to gain the ability to fly. I'm kindly requesting you to fly in a straight line for 9 days, then kindly tell me where you happen to appear, because I'm very eager to know :))

I cannot believe this lack of intelligence in this debate, I really do hope there are at least a few people who are on the same state of consciousness as I am.

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