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The tyrant is not a creation of society. That's like saying a dictator is just part of the system. A person becomes a tyrant because they want to, for whatever misguided reasons. That being said, I believe that how a person chooses to react to a problem is one of the most important things a person can do.

If one doesn't have the courage to stand up for what is right, they don't even BEGIN to measure up to the tyrant. The problem needs to be solved, regardless how it got there.

So the coward, overall, would deserve more blame.

2 points

I believe you are confusing maturity and personal choice with responsibility. They are quite different things, in reality. Men and women both have complete potential to be responsible, and of course maturity and age influences this, but it is, in fact, not exclusively prevalent to either gender.

2 points

I don't believe that women are inherently more responsible than men: but it is proven that biologically they mature at a faster rate than men. Being more mature at a younger age can provide a false sense of increased responsibility.

Long story short, maturity does not equait responsiblility.

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I do not believe that in ANY situation is suicide an option. Even if the entire world's population were to vanish in an instant, and I was left alone, I would continue to persevere and live out whatever lonely life was ahead of me. If the world was wiped out, it could have been for a reason. Perhaps aliens are conducting a test on the sustainable willpower of humanity, and you have been chosen. Perhaps life is just cruel. Either way, being on Earth could possibly begin humanity again. If we're assuming that the world ends significantly in the future, it could be possible to repopulate the world with advanced genetics, etc. And even if we're talking in the present, suicide would accomplish nothing.

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