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RSS 1-26-14-25

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

1. Ahh, that is because you are either lying or using opposite search. Let me explain. Either you are lying or instead of inputting "Why homosexuality isn't real" you wrote "Why homosexuality is real".

My and my colleagues studies are many but also quite new so it will be awhile before a lot shows up. You have to type the correct phrase. That or you are lying, which I believe you are.

Oh and that last allegation is ridiculous. I am there to help them become not gay. Most have already quit their horrible gay addictions.

2. That is wrong and if you don't know that you are stupid. I am not gay.

3. That would be right except I do not fear homosexuality because IT DOESN'T exist. Hence your logic (Or lack thereof) is fallacious.

4. I don't know what it means (Or rather, I didn't) because I do not use circular logic.

Think about it, you think I am not real and you say I am not real, yet in fact, it is you who are not real because you yourself have admitted so.

If you are telling the truth that you are not real, then you must be lying that I am not as something that is not real (you) cannot have thoughts on wether something else (me) is real or not.

If you were telling a lie that you are not real, then it is possible that I am not real. However, I and my friends and pretty much everybody know that I am real. According to Renee Descartes (Who by the way was a real stupid idiot but somehow managed to say one smart thing in his stupid existence)

I think therefore I am, therefore I definitely exist.

Hence because what you said about my non-existence is false, it must necessarily be that you are lying which hence leads us to the conclusion that you are lying (Obviously)

Recall the first assumption that you were lying about existing. If you were, you must certainly have been lying about my non-existence and since we have established that no#2 is a lie (Since I do truly exist) it would then only make sense hat assumption 1 is correct.

(Since according to assumption 2: I do not exist. Which has been proven to be incorrect.)

Therefore it becomes impossible that assumption 2 exists.

So there, that is definitive proof that you DO NOT EXIST.

That actually makes me feel stupid. If you do not exist, why have I gone to such lengths to prove that you do not exist. After all, since you do not exist, I shouldn't have to care what you say.

I think you might not be a robot after all. Maybe you are a voice inside me, telling me to ignore stupid people (Not you since you do not exist although the things you say are stupid)

So...thanks I guess.

You've taught me a lot. In the future when I meet a stupid person like you (Even though that isn't quite true since you don't exist) I will ignore him.

That would save me a lot of time!

HEY! You are a good thing (Or should I say force for good) after all!

So thank you Mr. Non-existent Cartman. I will ignore you from now on.

1 point

I think you have misunderstood me again. My ideas are all very brilliant and of course a very smartb oersonp like me knows many sane people.

1 point

1. A: THERE ARE SO MANY STUDIES OUT THERE! JUST GOOGLE IT! You are like an idiot demanding evidence for the existence of a burger even though a burger clearly exists and yOU COULD JUST GOOGLE IT LIKE RIGHT NOW! Also, I am one of the many scientists too and based on my own studies on a small gay community of about a hunded or so gays, I AM correct. About more than half of them have become cured from being gay and are now happy, normal people, while the rest are still undergoing so far successful therapy sessions.

2. So that means I am not and was never gay. :)

3. It is highly likely that I fear something since everybody scientifically and statistically speaking, fears something, What I said was that I cannot fear nothing (You yourself agreed to that) so since homosexuality is like nothing, Ido not fear it.

4. That sounds funny. Also, you are not real. You admitted to that yourself so there really isn't a debate :)

Also, I looked up what circular logic means. I did not realise you were insinuating that I was lying, so I agreed. Now disagree because it is not true.

1 point

1. That is baseless and stupid (no offense)

2. You are completely ignoring every good argument I have presented you. It seems that it is not that you don't agree with me. I am sure you can see the error of your beliefs now, but because you are so stubborn and insisting on your stupid belief, you refuse to agree and are now resorting to denial without any evidence at all!

3. No, it seems you did not understand what I meant when I said it doesn't exist. I am saying that nobody is homosexual in reality as it is just a cover up for psycological trauma. However, traumatised people practising homosexuality do esxist, as such, I am against their practice but not them.

I HATE THEIR ACTIONS. I DO NOT HATE THEM. Really, gay people are not gay, they are just poor, misunderstood people who need a friend who will actually help them cure their real problem and not encourage them to be gay and therefore depressed.

4. That is just you being a sour apple because you clearly cannot out-think or out-argue me.


Theykeep getting phased out of the recent disputes box! ONE AT A TIME PLEASE! I want to cou nter all your stupid arguments. (No offense)

1 point

1. XD

2. No, you seem to have misunderstood me. I meant, it inspires people to change from their old ways and follow me and my ideas of brilliance. Most sane people convert to my beliefs over time because they. are. just. that. awesome. (Punctuanted for emhpasis)

3. I believe it is THE test. You might want to take it yourself it is highly regarded and the first result of google search

0 points


0 points

Hey guys, look, Outlaw60 is posting pictures on the site. His mind is so small he can't write anything and must resort to pictures. Personally I think it is funny and that we should keep him but are you guys okay with him? I don't want to be selfish you know.

1 point

1. I SO F-ing AGREE! Finally something we can agree on. You get me bro.

2. Hmmm...well I have more thoughts on things more than homosexuality FYI. You should read more of my arguments, they are very inspirational.

3. Really? Hmmm...maybe that is true.

0 points

I am very sorry but I don't know how to make it bigger. Please try to make your screen zoom in if possible. Regards---the Create Debate team MODERATOR (Me)

0 points

Hahaha, that is funny. But you can’t ban me. It says I am the moderator and it is the moderator who bans people so you cant ban me.

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Winning Position: No I am a coward
Winning Position: No keep oppressing gays
Winning Position: Yes it rewards serious mbrs
Winning Position: No, do not increase

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