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RSS 101kakashi

Reward Points:381
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

If a girl, im thinking Emma or serenity...if a boy, i would go for karim or danny

1 point

If a girl, im thinking Emma or serenity...if a boy, i would go for karim or danny

1 point

I am from Ras Beirut, lebanon . .

2 points,,, . Yea those are the sites i stay on for a great portion of internet time

1 point

Creme brulee is the winner for me. Im not a fan of ice cream and many other desserts but creme brulee is something i love.

1 point

What you believe in is logical...and you can believe whatever you wish to believe, you have the right to that after all. So my advice for you is to stay confident in what you believe in, everyone has an opinion and ways to beliefs :)

101kakashi(381) Clarified
2 points

That might be true, but if the phones are kept in a drawer, lets say a locked one....just in case any emergency would happen, it would be better than keeping the phones in another room or place. Also, sometimes when the phones are kept away, students look for an alternative, not all of them would resort to new ploys. Isn't that better than keeping the phones with them? Or in a different place?

1 point

Well yes..the debate IS about what you would prefer..dogs or cats...what is so hard to figure out about that? It IS supposed to be your opinion....

1 point

I think that cellphones should be allowed in schools as long as they are kept away from the students. perhaps a small box in every class where children keep the cellphones in and take it when they leave school...but keeping them in class with them is a no...its just a source of distraction

3 points

I am keeping books for sure. i think that books can't be replaced and that books have something that can't be taken away...

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Winning Position: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!!
Winning Position: srom is 16 now :3
Winning Position: dangerous and expensive!
Winning Position: Cookies
Winning Position: yes they tainted it!
Winning Position: no! never!
Winning Position: Go to public schools
Winning Position: who am i to judge?

About Me

"im nice and peaceful...a gd frnd to talk to! :D"

Biographical Information
Name: ryan 
Gender: Girl
Age: 27
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: Lebanon
Education: In College

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