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Amen to you my good sir


B*tch please your the hypocrite what if someone does not like gay your telling people to like gays is forcing your crappy opinion on other people. gays were not meant to be women and men "fit" together for a reason they can make babies together for a reason. So stop pushing people to accept fags. And you cant talk about growing up, stop trying to promote being a fag because its "in" now.

Everyone Knows that women suffer from PMS that makes them act like ratchet B's Would people really want someone who gets uncontrollably angry every month, just to see a woman elected? And dont even talk about how women would wage less wars, There would still be wars just over dumb stuff.

That stupid Not all women are hardworking or responsible and well educated. Its been proven men are smarter (our brains are bigger) As for hard working, Who built almost every building in existence men did. Yeah you do see like two women construction workers but every other one is a man, you'd be a liar if you say differently. And women being well educated. That may be true in some cases but teachers are sexist in favor of girls, In fact everyone is sexist in favor of girls. thats prob why hillary is being elected

2 points

hello you dumb fools PMS causes women to act like crazy evil b*tches are you women that desperate for recognition that you would endanger our country to prove you ex boyfriend wrong. Because he did not "respect" women you people disgust me the only reason people want Hillary in the office is because shes a women anyone who would vote based on gender does not deserve the right to vote. Go ahead prove me wrong i dare you

Yeah he admitted to that but the girls consented to him giving them the pills so whats your point

Ohhhhhhhhhhh then how do you explain Albert Einstein Nikolai Tesla Thomas Edison and a whole Burch of others you do realize that women were useless dourning history right? men did the building and the fight and the growing and the hunting the reason they did not let wome do stuff is they did not earn it.

almost all the greatest historical figures have been men. face it boys are better than girls in every way so shut it.

for all the dang fools who think girls are smarter than boys explain to me why it was men who invented the lightbulb the gas mask the oven the telephone earphones and all that

123456789101(86) Clarified
1 point

you my good sir are one smart person bjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

god gave us free will you retarded faggot gays are just defective humans who deserve. to die. so shut up you worthless faggot

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Winning Position: Quotes or slogans you think are stupid/dumb/useless
Tied Positions: amazons vs. spartans
Winning Position: women

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